My Music Alarm Clock

My Music Alarm Clock is a simple alarm clock app to allow the user to wake up to their favorite Apple iPod songs and/or playlists.  It allows the user to select the song and/or playlist they wish to use for the music alarm function.  A location bread crumbs feature is also included.

My Simple Timer

My Simple Timer is a simple basic timer application.  To set a timed alarm, set the timer duration in minutes and all else is automatic.   

My Speedometer

My Speedometer is a simple application that displays the current speed in digital form, based on GPS signals.  As you move, the app tracks the GPS location and computes speed and distance traveled from this data.  

Where Is My Kid

Where Is My Kid is an application to help people track the location of other family members and friends.  It uses GPS information to track location and stores the information in a database for access by other authorized family and friends.

DX Sound Fader

DX Sound Fader provides a simple way to have music from other sources such as Pandora, iHeartradio, or other music sources automatically fade out after a user set duration.  This makes it easy to start music playing, perhaps at night, and then have DX Sound Fader automatically gradually adjust the volume level to zero some time later.

Quik VMail

DX Quik VMail is a voice memo application that easily records a short voice memo and then sends it to your selected E-Mail address.  It offers one button operation for the entire process.

DX iMouse

DX iMouse is a app that allows you to turn your iPhone or iPad into a wireless mouse/keyboard to control your PC.

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Last modified: May 14, 2012