Where Is My Kid


Where Is My Kid

Where Is My Kid is an application to help people track the location of other family members and friends.  It uses GPS information to track location and stores the information in a database for access by other authorized family and friends.  Click here for screen shot examples.

You can have any number of friends and family members registered for location updates.  You can see where they currently are located, and/or the path they have followed for the last 1-24 hours.

The app tracks position continuously and provides a set of database entries to show position based on time range queries.

Where Is My Kid includes a tracker display option to make it easy to track specific movement history for things like jogging, walking, and any other activity where a detailed bread crumbs route is desired.  Tracked routed may be saved and later recalled for review.  Each saved route includes both time duration and distance, as well as detailed point by point routes.

The app works in both the foreground and background and requires iOS 4.2 or later.  Where Is My Kid was designed for Apple iOS 4.x and iPhone 3GS and later devices.  While it can operate in earlier versions of hardware, like the iPhone 3G model, not all features all available with older iPhone hardware.  Click here for more details about limitations with older iOS devices.

The Where Is My Kid About screen allows the user to offer comments and suggestions and to refer other friends who might also have interest in the same app.  It also includes a Help/Info function to provide a textual summary of all program features and options. 

Click here for How To information about Where Is My Kid .

  See it here in the iTunes Store for up to date screen shots and more information.

Current product version: 2.1.0


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Last modified: May 16, 2012