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My Music Alarm Clock

My Music Alarm Clock is an alarm clock app to allow the user to wake up to their favorite Apple iPod songs, playlists or Internet streaming music. It allows the user to select the song, playlist, or streaming music they wish to use for the music alarm function. Playback can be over the IOS device or via AirPlay. A location bread crumbs feature is also included to track location if desired. Current temperature can also be displayed, based on location. 

Alarm data is stored in the Apple Cloud system and can be shared across iOS devices on the same AppleID. Each user can select whether they accept Cloud alarm updates, whether the master alarm on/off can be updated via the cloud, and those other iOS devices from which they will accept cloud alarm updates. See the Settings area for more information. 

Multiple alarms can be configured, each with their own date/time, music selection, volume, and frequency. Frequency includes daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, weekdays only, and weekend days only. Any subset of alarms can be active at the same time, where each will go off at their prescribed time and day. Each configured alarm can be named, for easy identification, and enabled/disabled with a single control. 

A full screen clock display option is also provided. This allows the user to see the time of day displayed on the entire iOS device display (when the app is in the foreground on the device). The user can set whether this option is used, whether it is available when the device is connected to A/C power, and the screen brightness to be used for later night operation. See the Settings area for more information. 

Music can be selected from the current iPod music songs and playlists. Music can also be used from Internet streaming music sources. Playback can be over the iOS device or over other devices that support AirPlay such as Apple TV or other AirPlay compatible audio sources. 

Streamed Internet music can also be played over a connected bluetooth device. which includes both simple hand-free bluetooth (not A2DP capable) as well as more advanced A2DP capable bluetooth headsets. This allows you to listen to streaming stations using only a bluetooth ear piece. See the Music Tab area for more information. The option also exists to force all alarm based music to always use the iOS device speaker, which will over ride any other device sound settings that the time of the alarm. 

My Music Alarm Clock includes a dozen of so common streaming sources as possible selections. See the Settings area for more information. 

My Music Alarm Clock allows for a snooze timer from 5 to 15 minutes. The user can enable the snooze feature by using the volume control on the side of the iPhone or shaking the device. 

My Music Alarm Clock also has a sleep timer where the user can enable a variable timer between 5 and 120 minutes for late night music that automatically ends after the set time. 

My Music Alarm Clock also includes a location feature to allow the user quick access to the current location based on Apple maps using GPS. The location is updated throughout the day and an option is provided to display the path that has been followed (like breadcrumbs) since the program started. The break crumbs path starts over each time the app is restarted or the iPhone is restarted. 

My Music Alarm Clock now includes the option to display the current temperature, based on location and information from WeatherBug. WeatherBug supports the USA and other areas around the world. 

The My Music Alarm Clock About screen allows the user to offer comments and suggestions and to refer other friends who might also have interest in the same app.

 See it here in the iTunes Store for screen shots and more information.

Current product version: 3.0.2


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Last modified: May 16, 2012