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DX Quik VMail is a voice memo application that easily records a short voice memo and then sends it to your selected E-Mail address. It offers one button operation for the entire process.  Click here for screen shot examples.

The resulting E-Mail message that contains the voice memo and can be played back on iPhone devices (QuickTime), Mac computers (directly within Mail), and Windows PCs (Windows Media Player or QuickTime).  See here for more information about playing the file attachment that contains the recorded voice memo.

The app, by default, begins recording the voice memo as soon as it is started. A short beep will be heard to signify the start of the recording process. A stop button is visible to manually stop the recording process and send the message. If the manual button is not used, the recording will continue until it reaches the maximum time from the Settings tab. The default duration is 2 minutes, but can be set to any value between 1 and 10 minutes. 

A cancel button is also displayed during the first 10 seconds of recording to make it easy to cancel a recording and send no message. 

If a message fails to send, due to lack of a solid Internet connection, it will be re-queued up to 5 times later for resending. If a connection is still lacking, the message will be saved and sent later when the next successful message is recorded and sent. 

Voice memos can also be created automatically, manually or, if enabled. by shaking the device. 

The app includes a history tab to track all generated messages. Each is shown with the date created. A details display provides step by step playback over the iPhone speaker, as well as the option to resend the same voice memo again. A delete button is also provided to delete previously sent messages as desired. 

A settings tab offers options to control the start of automatic recording, the E-Mail address to be used for receiving recorded voice memos, a slider to control the maximum duration of each recorded voice memo, and a slider to control the volume of the initial beep tone before each recording starts.. 

DX Quik VMail is designed for Apple iOS 5.x and iPhone 3GS, iPad, and later devices. 

Current product version: 2.0.2


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Last modified: May 16, 2012