My Speedometer


My Speedometer

My Speedometer is a simple app that displays the current speed, based on GPS signals. As you move, the app tracks the GPS location and computes speed and distance traveled from this data. 

The current speed is shows in large font digits at the top, with the units display in small font immediately below it. The distance traveled so far (since the app was last started) is displayed at the bottom. My Speedometer supports both portrait and landscape orientations, and adjusts the displays accordingly. 

The option also exists to enter/select speed limits for streets and areas, have the app track your speed, and alert you either visually and/or audibly when your speed exceeds the limit. 

Speed limit data is also stored in the Apple Cloud system and can be shared across iOS devices on the same AppleID. Each user can select whether they accept Cloud speed limit database updates. See the Settings area for more information. 

Speed limits can be entered by taping on the speed portion of the screen display. Three options exist here: 

One tap Displays the current speed limit data for this area, editable. 
Two tapsCreates a new speed limit based on current speed and last speed. 
Three tapsCreates a new speed limit based on current speed ignoring last speed. 

The Alerts tab has options for the speed limit feature, to save and restore database files with speed limit data, and to show a map with all speed points displayed. 

My Speedometer can also track your path, since it started, and display it on a standard Apple map system. The application has the option to enable this feature for background operation as well, which will track distance and position always. 

The user can set the desired accuracy, units, and background mode in the settings area. My Speedometer can also disable the iPhone screen timeout feature, when displayed in the foreground. 

My Speedometer now includes the option to display the current temperature, based on information from WeatherBug. WeatherBug supports the USA and other areas around the world. See for information about your area. 

My Speedometer is designed for Apple iOS 5.x, and iPhone 3GS, iPad, and later devices.

Note: GPS data is satellite based and may not be available when inside buildings, underground structures, or inside vehicles without a clear view of the sky. 

     See it here in the iTunes Store for screen shots and more information.

Current product version: 3.0.0


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Last modified: May 16, 2012