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The location display is used to show both the location of a selected family member/friend, as well as the path information for a selected time period.

Press the "People" button at the top to see the current location for the selected person.  The data will be retrieved and the location shown with a push pin over a map of the area.  The detailed city/street information, if available, is shown in the lower left of the display.

Press the "Routes" button to see the path information for the currently selected person.  Select the desired time range and see the path information display, along with other data for both the start and stop locations.

Press any displayed push pin (map annotation) and see current information, including detailed city/street information (if available), for that location.

Use the Print button in lower right to print the current display on a supported AirPrint printer on your PC network.

The tracker display is used to show your current position and provide the option to track your path as you move.  This can be useful for navigating in unfamiliar places or for those who jog/walk and want to track their time and distance.

The current position is always shown on the map display, based on GPS data.  Press the "Start" button to start tracking and display route information as you move.  When not in tracking mode, the  position is updated about every 15 seconds based on current GPS data.

Press the "Stop" button to stop this tracking process.

Press the "Prior" button to see a list of prior tracking routes saved to the phone device.  Select a desired previous entry to see the route, time and distance for that tracking.

Press any displayed push pin (map annotation) and see current information, including detailed city/street information (if available), for that location.


The Family Display shows the list of current family and friends members who are available for location information. Here you can:

Edit friend display info

Request new friends

Remove a friend

Check for pending requests

Perform Facebook related actions and activities.

See here for more info about this display.

Use the "Location Accuracy" slider to set the accuracy for location detection and the production of position/route for the your device.

Select the "Monitor Movement Details" switch to have the program track detailed movement data for your position/location throughout the day.  When this is not selected, it only tracks basic position on a more infrequent basis based on significant movement.

Use the "Disable Screen Timeout" switch to control whether the iPhone screen time-out is disabled whenever tracking display is shown in the foreground. 

Press the "Help/Info about Application" button to see a display of application summary information, help info, and how-to details.

Press the "Account Information" button to see your current account information for your "Where is My Kid" registration.   See here for more info on this area.

Press the "Send Feedback to Developer" to send your comments and/or feedback to the application developer. 

Press the "Refer to a friend" button to refer this application to a friend who might also be interested.


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