Family Friend Display

The Family Display shows the list of current family and friends members who are available for location information.

Select any member to edit display, cell phone number, and E-Mail address for that member.

            Press the “Save Member Changes” button to save any changes.

Press the “Request Friend Status” to request a new friend or family member be added to your tracking list.

            Enter the cell number of the new friend to be requested. 

            Press the “Select Contact” to select this friend from your existing contacts list.

            Press the “Request Friend Status” button after the number has been entered/selected.

Press the “Remove Friend Status” button to remove an existing friend from your tracking list.

            Select the friend from the displayed list.

            Press the “Request Delete Friend Status” button to request this friend be deleted from your tracking list.

Press the “Request Location” button to request specific location information from one of your family or friends.  Use the Friends Info display to select the desired friend.

            Press the “Request Location Update” button to request a single location update, based on their current location.

            Press the “Request 30 Min Tracking” button to request a 30 minute location tracking update.  When started, this will result in a fairly detailed view of their location for the next 30 minute period.

Press the “Check for Requests” button to check for any current pending friend related requests in your queue.

            Generally any pending requests will come to you automatically.  Use this manual approach to see requests sooner.

Press the “Facebook” button to login to Facebook and see the Where Is My Kid  Facebook options.

            Use the Facebook display to enter your Facebook user information and connect with Facebook.  You will generally have to do this only once per day to use Where Is My Kid  Facebook options.

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Last modified: April 26, 2011