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DX iMouse Server Information

The DX iMouse Server component is a small Windows program that accepts commands from the DX iMouse app (running on your iPhone or iPad device) and then performs the selected action on your PC.  Communications between the two software parts uses TCP/IP and your local WiFi network.

When running and display on the desktop, the program will be similar as shown below:

The Server field shows the PC name (on which it is running) and the current IP address assigned to that PC. 

The status field at the bottom center shows the current connection status based on whether it is currently connected to your iOS device.  When connected, the image will be similar as shown below:

Here the status field shows the name of the iOS device that has connected.  

Note:  The status field will change from connected to waiting for connection every time the DX iMouse app move to the background or the iOS screen timer locks the screen.  Each time the DX iMouse app is displayed, the status changes back to connected.

Click here for Settings information and options for the server component.



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Last modified: May 15, 2012