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DX iMouse Server Information

DX iMouse involves two separate components of software. 

  - DX iMouse App

  - DX iMouse Server

The first is the iPhone/iPad app DX iMouse and runs on your own iOS device.  The second is a server product that runs on your local PC that receives information from DX iMouse and then performs the desired mouse/keyboard actions you control on your computer.

Click here to download the server part for your Windows PC.  Download the DX iMouse serverand install on your PC.

Click here to download the server part for your Apple Mac computer.  Download the DX iMouse server and install on your Mac.

Once installed, the program should look similar to the image below, showing your PC name, IP address and connection status.  Click here for more information about the PC based server component.

After it is installed and running use the Settings tab in the DX iMouse app to scan your network for the installed server(s).

You can install the server software on 1 or more computers at your home Wifi location.  The app will locate each and give you the chance to choose which PC you control at any moment.



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Last modified: May 25, 2012