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DX Voice Reminder

DX Voice Reminder is a audio reminder app. You set a date/time for the reminder and then record a voice memo about it. When the time arrives, your iPhone alerts you to the reminder, and you then can hear your voice memo about it. 

You can set a time limit for each recording so that it finishes automatically. You can select the time increment from 1 minute to 15 minutes for scheduling your reminders. 

You can select whether a vibrate only reminder alert is used (iPhone only) and whether your recorded reminder is automatically played. These can be useful for setting a silent alert option when needed. 

You can select handset playback, which uses the iPhone handset rather than the speaker. When handset AutoPlay is selected, playback begins when the iPhone is placed near the ear and stops when it is moved away. 

You can select the reminder sound used for the initial alert. This can be the default Apple sound, other distinctive tones, preset voice prompts, or your actual recorded voice reminder message (30 second limit for this case). 

You can select whether a reminder repeats after the initial alert. You can set the repeat interval in minutes and the maximum number of repeats. This can be useful for situations when the initial reminder alert comes at a time when the voice data cannot easily be heard. 

Before each reminder is recorded, a beep tone is heard. The volume of the beep tone can also be set. 

If the reminder is not reviewed at the reminder time, the app badge number is displayed to show a visual indication of one or more missed/unreviewed reminders. Opening the app will then play each of those in turn. 

You can set a frequency for reminders if they are to occur more than once. Options exist for daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. 

The app keeps a running history of each voice reminder generated. You can listen to each as desired with play/pause/rewind controls. You can delete them individually or in mass. You can also reschedule a previously generated reminder for a new time and date and/or frequency. 

The app also supports iCloud options where generated voice reminders can appear on other iOS devices on the same iTunes account. 

      See DX Voice Reminder in the iTunes Store for screen shots and more information.

DX Voice Reminder is designed for Apple iOS 5.x and iPhone 3GS, iPad, and later devices.

Current product version: 3.0.0


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Last modified: May 16, 2012